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The Purposes of God

Economic turmoil, gang violence, starvation, terrorist bombings, natural disasters, civil unrest, wars, diseases, accidents—we are living on a planet that is filled with problems. Through the daily news reporting we are all kept keenly aware that the times in which we live are volatile; but, unless our own lives are somehow affected, directly or indirectly by these events, many people are immune to the sufferings of those around them.

However, for those whose lives are caught up in these human tragedies, eventually they will ask the question—‘Why is this happening to me?’  Indeed, much of what we experience in this life is a mystery to most humans. The untold masses of men and women merely suffer through what life gives them, and live out their existence the best way they can. Although most of us would like to claim to have “did it my way,” if we were honest, we must admit that the circumstances of our life and the world around us, have had a great impact upon what we have become. Our lives seem to be ruled by unseen forces, both within us and outside of us.

While many people have heard of the three great questions of life— “Where did I come from?”;Why am I here?”; and “Where am I going?”—few people have taken the time to discover the answers. To make matters worse, the modern philosophies of humanism and evolution have so invaded our thoughts that we think that there are no answers. Many believe that we are only a part of the Big Bang; that human life magically evolved over billions of years into what it is today; and that we, as evolved organisms, will merely cease to exist at death. Many are willing to believe that, although this life is far from perfect, there are no deeper answers.

If, however, you are someone whose mind has been awakened by the events of your life—maybe you have been struck with some disease, or have had a terrible accident; maybe you have lost a loved one through some awful event; or maybe your life has been ruined by some personal or economic disaster; then, because of these tragedies, you have begun to question the reasons for living. If you are such a person, then there is a source from which you may find answers. We do not claim to be that source, but we are merely one beggar telling another beggar where to find food.

We have found that those who seek to know the purposes of life and why we suffer, that God has all of the answers—for He created life, and He designed our world for a purpose. For those of us who believe in the God of the Bible, we accept that He created the universe and made the earth habitable for man. We believe that God, “in the beginning,” made everything good; and that man, by disobedience, brought upon himself this human misery. However, we also believe that God has not abandoned us to our suffering; but that He is actively involved in the affairs of this world.

The Bible reveals that God has a purpose in everything, even the bad things of life. While much of what God does is unexplainable, He has not left man in total ignorance—hence His Written Word. In the Bible we can find the answers to life, not only for the three great questions, but what is the purpose of evil and suffering; and what is God doing about all of these terrible events? So then, if you are ready to discover The Purposes of God, we invite you to read on. Although the following books may be examined in any order, we would suggest that, for most people, they be studied in the following sequence.

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